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Examples of German Daggers 


German Dagger Handles 

The type of handle is very useful in identifying a particular dagger.  Handles were commonly made from various metals, colored plastics, faux and real ivory, or were covered with dyed leathers.  Some handles are heavily ornamented, while others are plain.  Giving detailed information about the handle can help to provide an accurate appraisal.  Some examples of handles follow.

German Dagger Makers

The makers of German daggers frequently stamped their logos on the daggers.  Logos of three of the major makers -- Carl Eickhorn, SMF, and Wagner & Lange -- are shown below.


Many German WWII era daggers are inscribed with words, phrases, or artwork, often in a gothic or script type font.  Providing the inscription on a dagger can also aid in an accurate appraisal.  Some examples of dagger inscriptions follow.

WWII Miscellany

The Dagger Collector is also interested in other WWII era items from Germany, the US, and Japan.  Shown below are examples of a German flag and swords, hangers for attaching a weapon, and a Japanese dagger and sword.